Notre-Dame de Paris Direction

Welcome to Notre-Dame de Paris! We look forward to greeting you at the scheduled time for your pastry workshop. 

Our meeting point is by the gate, where we'll be there to welcome you!

Google Maps link : 
3, rue des 3-Portes
75005 Paris

Metro Station  :
#option 1
Line : 4
Station Saint-Michel Notre-Dame

#option 2
Line : 10
Station Maubert - Mutualité

If you arrive early, we recommend heading towards the Seine, just a few minutes' walk away, to visit the famous Bouquinistes, and you'll also get to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral from the banks of the Seine.

Frequently Asked Questions


Meeting Point

The Team will meet you punctually at the meeting point, look the picture.


Use the G7 company. Official taxi can use the fast line. (Uber can't)

If you're early

For an optimal experience, we set up the workshop which leads us to clean the entire space before welcoming you.

If you arrive early, there's a chance you might be greeted during our cleaning processes, which might not be the most opportune moment for us to provide you the warmest welcome.

We appreciate your understanding.

If you're late

For the comfort of the experience and the scheduling constraints of all participants, we start the experience on time. Unfortunately, if you are more than 15 minutes late, we may not be able to accommodate you.

If you are running more than 15 minutes late, please send us an email at ''.

A communication channel dedicated solely to emergencies.



You have been the victim of a pickpocket theft.

Please contact the French emergency support 112

Traffic accident

Traffic accident in which you are the victim, please contact the French emergency support 112

and contact us :
+33 756 965 070